By Rosie Underwood

Do you give away your feminine power too easily? Is this showing up on your skin and hair? 

Our feminine energy is the driving force behind creativity, unbridled possibilities and inner transformation, whilst our masculine energy helps us take action towards carrying out our inspired desires. In these extraordinary times, we explore the importance of feminine personal power, why it’s over-looked, how to regain it by moving beyond constraints into empowered ways of being, with lifestyle journalist and Integrative health coach, Rosie Underwood.

There are qualities and principles towards masculine and feminine energies, and just like Yin and Yang, sun to moon, sky to ground, we need both to be integrated and balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s imperative that in a modern world, where the masculine ideals such as assertiveness and competitiveness are prioritised and praised that we learn to nurture, nourish and heal the feminine energy. Our wellbeing is dependent on the way we think, live and behave. Because our primal instincts don’t tend to lend themselves to modern society, too many of us are spiralling into stress, giving away our feminine energy too easily. This not only makes us feel at a loss, it instantly shows up in our skin, hair and eyes.

Look to Mother nature…

The most prominent source of the feminine is in Mother nature. There is so much power and potential when both feminine and masculine energies work in harmony and that’s exactly how nature works, its flawless in the process. Nothing in nature takes more than it needs, if it does, it becomes subject to that law and it dies off. The synchronicities of night to day, the shift in seasons and the circle of life all work in pure potentiality because of these energies being balanced. The moon, water and night-time are the perfect representations of the Yin, feminine, cyclical energy. The feminine energy is life force energy, so the ocean, forests, even parks are abundant with it to help you revitalise.  

Look to beauty and the sensations nature provides

In the Amazon, the home of Rahua, the Indigenous women of the tribes embody natural beauty in not just the way they appear, but in the way that they think and act. Daily, they take time to honour Mother nature in all her natural beauty.  Women are natural caregivers, nurturers, healers and team players. This innate capacity is alive in every single one of us we just need to learn how to ignite it. There are certain sensations you can bask in, that only time in nature can give you to boost the feminine, like swimming in cold water, forest bathing, or grounding (walking on the earth with no shoes on) and practicing full moon and new moon rituals. 


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