Body Butter For Dry Skin (100g)

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Our butter is handmade with all-natural oils, and it's just the right consistency to moisturise without leaving an oily residue. It's packed with vitamins A and E, which are great for helping relieve eczema and psoriasis symptoms. It also leaves behind a light scent that will last for hours after you apply it.

You can use this product from head to toe: lather it on as a face moisturiser, use it as shaving cream, or apply a dollop to your hair for a quick fix for dry ends.

Smell & Texture

Texture is light and fluffy, and it melts into skin without feeling greasy.
Smell like sweet lemon with a hint of lemon myrtle.

How to use

1. Make sure your skin is dry.
2. Scoop out a small amount of whipped body butter with your finger.
3. Rub the butter around between your palms until it's completely melted and smooth.
4. Apply to your skin gently using small, circular motions until all of the butter has been absorbed into your skin.
5. Enjoy the glow!

Hero Ingredients

Mango Butter

Mango butter is a natural emollient that helps to soften rough skin and soothe irritation, removing dead skin cells and making room for new ones.

Shea Butter

The high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter helps it to nourish and moisturise the skin. It is often used as a remedy for dry skin and as a protection against the skin losing its vital oils.

Safflower Oil

Safflower oil, which comes from the seeds of the safflower plant, is a rich source of linoleic acid (a type of omega-6 fatty acid). Linoleic acid has been shown to treat acne and support healthy skin by strengthening its barrier function. It also reduces itchiness and irritation as well as redness, making it a great ingredient for sensitive skin types.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is a natural humectant, which means it attracts moisture to the skin. That makes it ideal for people with dry skin who struggle with moisture retention—the oil draws hydration to the skin and helps keep it there.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil contains antioxidants that help repair and restore skin, improving its elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also is a great source of vitamin E and linoleic acid, which help reduce inflammation.


 Full ingredient list
Organic shea butter, Organic mango butter, Safflower oil, Sweet almond oil, Grapeseed oil, tapioca starch, May Chang essential oil, Pine scotch essential oil.